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Nijsha Enterprise will assist you with your manufacturing, purchasing, procurement and material needs. We offer cost-effective solutions and valuable service to you and the most important part of the equation, your customer. Companies are tired of throwing their money out the window. Additional fees mean additional cost to the customer, which may mean a slimmer customer base. The goal is for you to turn the product/service you sell into a finished value to your customer.

Congrats to Jerrell Johnson and Nijsha Enterprise!

In a recent interview with Canvas Rebel Magazine, entrepreneur Jerrell Johnson discussed operations at his company Nijsha Enterprise, including the recent endorsement from Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and a partnership with Porsche.

Johnson highlighted the success and growth of Nijsha Enterprise and detailed the exciting opportunities that the endorsement and partnership bring to the company. He also shared his thoughts on the future of the industry and the role Nijsha Enterprise will play in it. Overall, the interview provided valuable insight into the inner workings of Nijsha Enterprise and Johnson's plans for the company's continued growth and success.

Nijsha Enterprise

Why Do Business With Us?

There are many reasons to do business with us. For instance, we offer flexible payment plans that will work well for your budget and circumstances - just ask! We also have an excellent review record so it's safe to take this opportunity into account when you're deciding what company or person can provide quality services at fair prices without any hassle on the back end.

We Don't Change the Way You Do Business. We support you.
We Increase your Cost Efficiency.
We Save you Time and Effort.
We are ISO 9001:2015/AS 9100D Certified.
Your Customer's Needs Come First to ensure repeat business.
Customer Information is always kept Proprietary and Confidential.

Lower Your Manufacturing, Purchasing, Procurement, and Production Costs

Our Expertise

Nijsha Enterprise will assist you with your cable manufacturing, purchasing, procurement and material needs. We offer cost effective solutions and value added service to you and your customer, who is the most important part of the equation. Now add quality, lower your costs, lower your customer’s costs, and you gain respect, praise and numerous referrals.

Companies are tired of throwing their money out the window.  Additional fees mean additional cost to the customer; which may mean a slimmer customer base. Let’s be honest, without a customer there is no business.

That’s where we come in. The goal is for you to turn the product/service you sell into a finished value to your customer.

We support you; yielding a greater bottom line while providing additional services and programs to you, your customers, and your company, while maintaining your company’s quality standards.

This is a relationship in which the customer’s needs come first. We will work together to get the most value, the best quality at the least amount of cost. This is NOT a representation.

In addition, your customer information is always kept proprietary. We have taken added steps to ensure the confidentiality with our suppliers to protect the ethics of a potentially great working relationship. We pride ourselves on service, communication and quality.

Working with Nijsha allows you to be cost efficient, which saves you time, effort, and money; that allows you to be cost competitive, which saves your customer money and brings about repeat business. Now who couldn’t use that in today’s economy?

Nijsha Enterprise allows you to do what you do best; focus on your company as well as allows us to do what we do best, focus on adding value to the final product.

Increase Your Cost Efficiency.

Maintain Your Quality Standards.

Save Time and Effort.

Add Value To Your Final Product.

Ensure Repeat Business

Our Happy Clients!

Nijsha has reduced the cost of our many assemblies by 30% with great quality and delivery. We have never had an instance of our problems being delivered late. Their customer service and sales department are incredible. We have elected Nijsha Enterprise as a sole source preferred supplier. We commend them on their workmanship and excellent service.

The U.S. Army

We had an urgent job for our transit systems. We contacted Njisha Enterprise. These assemblies are not only complicated, but we needed them immediately. Not only was Nijsha able to provide a First Article prior to the production run in record time, but they worked diligently with us to complete the job ahead of schedule without any problems, or delays. We also asked them to assist us with some Electronic components that were obsolete and difficult to find. Nijsha’s Research and Development Team is one of the most resourceful units. They were able to provide us with the electronic components we need and in a reasonable amount of time. Every thing was done with cost efficiency in mind and in record time. We placed another order with Nijsha Enterprise and true to their reputation; they delivered on time with no glitches. Thank you again Nijsha.

Georgia Transit Authority

As an engineering firm, we deal with various sources to complete many types of assemblies. Nijsha Enterprise has been able to assist us with several complicated assemblies, printed circuit boards, and wire harnesses. With so many companies outsourcing in the industry, Nijsha Enterprise made our transition simple, easy and affordable to us and our customers. We were able to reduce our staffing costs, production osts as well as operational costs. They provided us with First Article for Approvals to sample and ensure quality standards on every assembly. Their quality and workmanship was so impressive that we have decided to use Nijsha for all our industry needs.

Prominent Engineering Firm, Atlanta

We have very complicated cable assemblies that we use on our equipment; Quality and pricing is critical in our industry. We sent Nijsha Enterprise our drawings and the rest is history. Nijsha provided us with first articles that passed our quality test with ease. The cost was reasonable and the delivery was excellent. We will continue to use Nijsha for all our cable and assembly needs.

Medical Industry